Increased capacity ensures our customers’ futures

At MAT Dania we are increasing our capacity considerably, to ensure that we can meet your needs on time in an increasing market. Our capacity will increase both at our Foundry and Machining Factory, as we are investing in new equipment / processes at both MAT Dania Denmark and MAT Dania Poland. We have experienced a dramatic growth since 2016, which has given rise to challenges in our production capacities, therefore an investment plan has been effectuated of approx… 3,5 Mio.Euro.

Foundry capacity increases starting this year
We have started the implementation of an intensive investment program in our foundry capacity. This will ensure that we are able to improve delivery performance, reduce lead times and improve flexibility and adaptability to the changing market conditions.
Our focus is to enhance capacity and optimize our processes, including increasing line capacity, introducing new production “highways”, along with installing semi-automatic shot blasting system, new pressing technologies, new handling processes of “WIP” parts, and a new storage handling system. All these new foundry developments will be implemented before the end of 2018.

Machining capacity will increase before summer
New investments in our machining factory. The first three machining centers for MAT Dania Poland are already expected to be up and running in full production by week 10, and the next two machining centers will be ready for operation at the beginning of June.

If you have any questions about our investments and how you will benefit from them, please feel free to contact: Jørn Krogager / CEO +45 96 71 51 49 or Søren Bisgaard / Sales Manager +45 21 60 16 41



Strengthened foundry management team

On January 1st, 2018, we welcomed Gert Klitgaard Jacobsen as our new foundry manager. He is experienced in leadership of all aspects of production including incoming orders to finished products ready for shipment. His work focus has always been on delivering on time, in the right quality and with minimum waste.

“I am very happy to be here at MAT Dania”, he says, “the organization and facilities are great for developing business and meeting customer needs”.

Gert Klitgaard Jacobsen is 59 years old and an educated engineer with a management diploma. He has previously worked in related business areas with top management tasks, and has been the anchorman of work environment, production equipment and facilities. He lives in Vadum, not far from our headquarter in Aars.


Gert Klitgaard Jacobsen



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