Value creation


Our aim is to add maximum value to your product. Each step in our process is designed to create long-term value by employing the full force of our facilities, skills and experienced employees.

The added bonus is twofold. Not only does this result in a better and more valuable product, it also reduces costs and increases your competitive power on the market.


Pattern Equipment
Patterns, tools and fixtures are engineered by MAT Dania and manufactured and assembled at our own pattern shop.


Time Effective Prototyping
To optimize customers “Time to Market prototyping” pattern equipment, tools and fixtures can be provided by MAT DANIA. The opportunity to use 3D printed cores     give full flexibility in the design and engineering process.


MAT Dania can produce a wide range of different iron grades.


3D technology
Measurement and scanning based on 3D technology is supplied to verify samples.


Time to market
The implementation of projects is efficiently driven by MAT Dania’s project organization by using  the APQP process.

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