Mission / Vision


We want to be our customers preferred supplier in our market segments.



MAT Dania produces customer-specified castings in grey iron and nodular iron with casting weights up to 65 kg.

With own machine shop, MAT Dania is able to supply finished castings ready for your assembly line.

MAT Dania bases the activities on close cooperation with the customer to achieve the best possible overall solution both to customer and foundry.

On request, MAT Dania meets the customer´s requirement for surface treatment of castings.

In order to be among the market leaders in its field, MAT Dania shall constantly take part in and keep updated on the development that might take place within casting and machining technology.

In order to maintain and further develop the technical knowhow, MAT Dania shall employ professional employees, who are developing both personally and professionally through their professional work and continued training and education.

MAT Dania shall maintain a good working environment both regarding the physical as well as the mental work conditions.

Effective environmental and energy management shall prevent any unnecessary impact on the environment.

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